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Dove Charity Home Birth Services Serves South Central Pennsylvania and the four-state area, including one and a half hours radius from the address above. Those states are Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. We serve a community of many diverse cultures including Mennonite, Amish, Latinos, and as some of them call us “Englishers”. The concepts of selfless service, client freedom of choice, and informed consent are the cornerstones of this practice. We are deeply committed to creating an environment where families can safely bring their babies into the world with love, respect and honor.

Midwife apprentices/assistants will become proficient in the midwifery model of care. They will show interest in Midwifery and begin a Midwifery training program or self-directed study, which will include skills workshops, community outreach projects and academic study that will fully prepare them for clinical experience. They will learn antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, newborn and well-woman care, risk screening, emergency measures, and referral procedures under the supervision of the midwives. It is important to know that apprentice/assistants are highly valued in our practice and carry a great deal of responsibility in clinical, administrative, and maintenance duties.

Apprentice/assistants who do well, have consistently been self-motivated and highly energetic. Because licensed midwifery as a profession is just now beginning to be recognized and established in our country, licensed midwives in general must be creative thinkers, and must be

incredibly motivated and self-initiators. Likewise, apprentice/assistants are in a position where they are fully responsible for taking initiative to obtain the skills, academic knowledge and general experience necessary to have a comprehensive grasp of the profession. Working within the practice requires an attitude of flexibility, a willingness to try new things, attitude of service and humility, and a commitment to the vision of the Midwives Model of Care. It can be a place for deep personal and spiritual growth.


1. This is a part time (less than 39 hours), paid position at $12.00 an hour.

2. Anyone who helps in the office. Must be teachable, humble and hardworking.

3. All employees and students will be reevaluated at 3-6-month intervals.

4. Monthly office meetings are required.

5. Possibilities for advancement to other levels if interested.

6. If you advance to student level, you will not be paid for those hours. Please be respectful and keep your hours separate or one of the two positions will be redelegated.

7. You may receive offered donations from clients, but you must not ever solicit donations. You may also get paid by clients for doing tasks that they ask you for, so long as it does not interrupt you work or student hours. (Example placenta encapsulating, your own herb

preparations, not already provided by Dove Charity Midwifery Company.)

8. Payments come every 2 weeks. You are responsible for your own tax withholding.


May include but, not necessarily all the following tasks. Lite cleaning, straightening, beds, sterilizing, computer work, organizing, correspondence, phone calls, texting, scheduling, filling birth kit orders, making herbal teas, bookkeeping, public relations, photography, filming, shopping and errands.


1a: one bound by indenture to serve another for a prescribed period with a view to learning an art or trade

b: one who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art, or calling a midwife's apprentice: usually not paid


1. A person who assists midwife: paid HELPER; PREPARATORY PROGRAM

Must Join the Virtual Midwife Preceptor program. Details here.

The program will begin with a three-month time or three births that will be focused on orienting apprentice/assistants to the community, creatively exploring the complexities of the world of midwifery, practicing skills, and personalities. The program will draw on the extensive pool of knowledge, wisdom and skills of our midwives and our diverse community to create a

comprehensive set of tools with which to enter the clinical experience. Each apprentice/assistant will have the opportunity to follow at least one client through her pregnancy by attending all her prenatal visits, acting as emotional support at the birth of her baby and helping out in the home postpartum. Apprentice/assistants will attend a six-week childbirth education series at least once.



Once entering the clinic, apprentice/assistants are an integral part of client care. We recommend that they be at every possible clinic visit, birth, and home visit. But they are required to be at least to, two prenatal appointments, birth, immediate postpartum and at least one postpartum visit. Because of the apprentice/assistants’ consistent presence at clinical visits, they are often make a strong bond with the clients throughout their care and develop a relationship of trust that greatly benefits the birth process. Our care is based on the principles of self-care and informed consent. Therefore, every apprentice/assistant midwife is in turn a teacher. Clients are given complete access to their charts, are fully informed about the procedures we do and understand the results.

Each apprentice/assistant is expected to read the Dove Charity Home Birth Services’ Policy and Procedure Manual upon joining and practice accordingly. During a period of orientation, they will observe exams and learn to chart. Next, they will begin doing the exams themselves at the discretion of the preceptors. Over time, apprentice/assistants will find themselves in a position of greater responsibility, making clinical decisions under the supervision of the preceptors.

Every apprentice/assistant will learn how to handle questions, including inquiries about care, problems during pregnancy and postpartum, making appointments, etc. Apprentice/assistants help with cleanup, laundry, sterilization of instruments and any other tasks that needs assistance with. They should learn about running a midwifery practice. Organization of and participation in events such as health fairs, fund-raisers for the advancement of homebirth, and outreach to schools and community are an important part of this learning.


• Apprentice are to participate in clinic visits as much as possible.

• Apprentice/assistants are on-call for births based on a schedule made with the other apprentice/assistants.


It is the responsibility of the Apprentice to have her skills signed off by her preceptors as she learns them. A log book should be used on an ongoing basis to record all patient visits, observations, managements, etc. and should be signed off by the preceptors.


The preceptor will evaluate all care provided by, and attend all births managed by the apprentice. The preceptor retains the full responsibility for clients seen by apprentice or assistants and must sign off all apprentice charting. It is the apprentice’s responsibility to have the preceptor sign off on all apprentice charting. Opportunities will be provided for client care to teach the student how to

interact with and serve the client. Some of these opportunities maybe in the form of natural remedies, massage, general caregiving, attending medical appointments with the client.


As needed, or after each birth time as set aside during meetings to review the apprentice/assistant relationship, to talk about progress, and resolve any issues. These meetings may be used to seek feedback or to make suggestions. Self-evaluations of apprentice/assistants and preceptors are done every three months.


All patient interactions are confidential. Dove Charity Home Midwifery Services’ policy is very strict. Anyone mentioning a client’s name inappropriately or disclosing any information about a client without written permission will be dismissed immediately. Any negative comments, about any past, present or future client, even in jest will not be tolerated.


If an apprentice/assistant has a complaint, she will first approach the person directly involved. If apprentice/assistants have suggestions for improving policies within the practice of the Dove Charity Home Birth Services, they are encouraged to make these known at a staff meeting and are expected to shoulder a great part of the responsibility for initial implementation of the improvements. Apprentice/assistants can develop organizational skills and can learn about Birth Career operations by being an integral part of exciting changes and taking initiative in this way.


An apprentice /assistant may not start an independent Midwife Business within one-hour radius of the training preceptor without previous understanding. Do not start a business using any part of our name on any of your documents or advertising.


All items above are owned by Valerie R Monterrey and Dove Charity Home Birth and may not be copied or used in any way without previous written permission. Do not put your business name on documents owned by DCHBS.


Every apprentice/assistant will carry a pager or cell phone and keep it in good condition, replacing batteries as needed. She is responsible for the cost. Whenever the apprentice/assistant will be out of pager range she is to call the Midwife let her know how she can be reached during Birth Alert. (Two weeks before a due date and two weeks after a due date)


The way we dress reflects our feelings towards our clients. When we are dressed up, they feel that we care about them; when we are sloppy they take it as a sign of disrespect. For this reason, we ask that all midwives and apprentice/assistants dress neatly for clinic and births. Hair needs to be kept out of the way, to look neat and brushed at all times. Breath needs to be fresh. Deodorant or equivalent must be worn. Consideration pays off as clients give apprentice/assistants their appreciation! When working in Plain communities it is preferable to

wear a dress or skirt below the knee level. We should also dress in a way that meets the cultural values. Modesty is of the utmost importance. Breast cleavage should be covered, tattoos should be covered, using minimal jewelry and make up. Please wear a dress or skirt to any plain home. Some have kept a jumper in the car to throw over their head when suddenly called to a birth.

This is the pre-planning I am looking for and yet I do understand the busyness of life and an occasional oversight.


1. All apprentice/assistants are required to purchase/borrow some books. We will provide a list of recommended reading.

2. Conferences attended or educational aids will be paid for by the apprentice/assistants

3. Gas for transportation to and from home births and home visits is the apprentice/assistant’s responsibility. We rarely will go up to two hours distance for a birth or home visit. Please budget this in when you are preparing financially.

4. Pager or cell phone maintenance will be paid for by the apprentice/assistants.


• High school diploma or GED

• Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

• Good health and endurance (two cancelations are permitted per semester)

• Dependability

• Compassion and open mindedness, humility

• Ability to work cooperatively and selflessly with a broad range or personalities


• Payment for your time is dependent on your experience and interest in midwifery

• After ten births, you should exhibit the ability to chart properly, take a BP, Temp, pulse, and respirations and you receive an education as your payment

• After 15 more births, you should be able to demonstrate the ability to do a complete prenatal, with vaginal and birth assessments.

• If you do a prenatal/postpartum on you own, you may be reimbursed for you travel/time $25

• Prenatal, postpartum, and well-woman doula/caregiving is expected and may be paid for by the client on a case-by-case basis.

• If you have proper training you may also market your ability to give massage and natural remedies paid for by the client.

• At my discretion, one may raise to senior assistant and may have more responsibility but also be expected to double as a back-up midwife getting paid for those times $400 per birth. and $500 for a catch in the absence of the senior midwife.

• Some clients are charity cases and in those cases, you will be paid at a percentage rate if you are due any payment. The above rates are based on $2,700 paying clients Dove Charity Home Birth Services

Midwife, Apprentice or Assistant Roles defined


a) I believe a worker is worthy of his/her hire. But as an apprentice you are receiving an education and that is your payment. Many apprentices pay top dollar for the privilege to work with midwives and they may be just observing, gofer, clean up and washing dishes for the first 10 births or more.

b) A beginning apprentice should keep her eyes, ears, and mind open. She is to wash laundry, do dishes, do charting, retrieve items as needed, make tea, and anything else she is asked to do

c) YOU are responsible for getting my signatures or that of other senior midwives we are working with, to confirm your training and education. You must keep track of your own NARM or MEAC paperwork. Do not leave them with me. You have 30 days from birth to get my signature. If you wait longer, you may not get a signature. I cannot sign for other midwives unless I was present at the birth

d) After ten births, you should exhibit the ability to chart properly, take a BP, Temp, pulse, and respirations, labor support, and act as a driver in transport. Student should be able to show that she is increasing her birth related education

e) I expect a sweet servant attitude to move on the next level


a) A second level apprentice should keep her eyes, ears, and mind open

b) She is to wash laundry, do dishes, do charting, retrieve items as needed, make tea, and anything else she is asked to do

c) After 15 more births, you should exhibit the ability to chart properly, take a BP, Temp, pulse, and respirations, labor support, CPR, and Neonatal Resuscitation, a driver in transport

d) She should be able to show that she is increasing her birth related education

e) An apprentice may choose not to have any catches and only want to do labor

support for the midwife and birthing family

f) I expect a sweet servant attitude to move on the next level


a) At this point she can already anticipate my needs and that of the birthing family

b) Not only can she do all the above, but she has already Acted as primary under supervision and had 8 or more catches and is serious about furthering her education to midwifery, has already gained proficiency in most of the skills in the Midwifery Skills Guide.

c) Beginning assistant will be finishing her NARM required primary under supervision

d) I expect a sweet selfless servant attitude to move on the next level. Attitude is everything.


a) She has been to at least 55 births 

b) Will have more responsibility but also be expected to double as a back-up midwife getting paid for those times $400 per birth

c) She understands and follows all protocols

d) She has her own birth kit equipment


a) She can do all the above plus maintain records, client contacts, back-up contacts

b) She is ultimately responsible for clients, babies, family satisfaction, bills, lab work, supplies, transports, and business

c) Will have more responsibility but also be expected to double as a back-up midwife getting paid for those times $400 per birth assistant fee $500 for “catchers fee” in the absence of senior midwife

d) Primary Midwife has the last say in all care and is responsible for transports

e) If you become Midwife while assisting DCHBS you may take on your own clients AND MAY WORK TOGETHER TRADING ASSISTS AND OR BACK UP COVERAGE


a) If you are working under another teaching midwife and you are asking me to be your preceptor, the one checking off your training, knowledge skills and birth experiences, then you must expect to pay for my time.

b) For prenatal and training sessions, $10 an hour, $100 preceptor fee per birth. In addition, $300 if I am expected to assist your midwife at a birth, and $500 if I’m expected to act as primary midwife, in your teaching midwife’s absence.

Down Load this contract below.

Postpartum Care

Newborn Care, including Neonatal

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