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Learn Breech Safely

We are excited to offer a hybrid workshop combining virtual lectures with hands-on small group simulation training. The hybrid format was created specifically to mitigate concerns about covid-19. This hybrid workshop includes:

  1. Breech Pro: a self-paced vaginal breech training workshop with CEUs, accessible for 1 year. Learn more about Breech Pro here. (Your workshop ticket will automatically register you for Breech Pro.)

  2. 2 hours of hands-on simulation training with Dr. Hayes and a Sophie and Her Mum simulator in small groups of 4 or less.

You may also purchase additional simulation training hours with Dr. Hayes.

If you are a workshop or Breech Pro alum, you may purchase a 2-hour simulation block as well as Breech Refresh, a 4-hour breech refresher course that will remind you of what you learned and prepare you for your simulation training.

Breech Refresh topics:
1. 10 steps of physiological breech birth (45 min)
2. Normal breech birth (45 min)
3. Abnormal breech birth (40 min)
4. Maneuvers (45 min)
5. 2020 breech research update (60 min, to be released late April 2021)


Dove Charity Midwifery

954 Fleshman Mill Rd.

New Oxford, PA 17268

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