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Become a Paid Preceptor

Receive an honorarium as a

Student Midwife Preceptor

We need well-prepared Midwives in the workforce. But in order to have them, we must provide them with hands-on clinical time with willing and qualified preceptors. But healthcare today makes that difficult. You might be willing to precept, but feel you deserve a little something for your time and expertise!  Current research indicates more and more providers feel the same. Well, we happen to agree with you.  While we can't "pay you for your time," we can provide you with an honorarium to say thank you, and that is better than another coffee mug, we always say!


So please become a student midwife preceptor. The students need you!


Thank you for giving back to the next generation of Midwives!

Benefits and Reasons to Precept


• We need well-prepared future Midwives!

• If your office is considering hiring an Assistant Midwife, it can be a great way to "test the waters" relatively risk free and you can get an honorarium for doing it!  

• Sharing your knowledge and experience through teaching can be very rewarding.

• Precepting can help you stay up-to-date on clinical information and resources.

• Students can assist in patient education development.

• Students can help document patient histories.

• Patients often love working with students because they can take more time with them.  

• Patients are often impressed that the site is a "teaching facility."

• You may be able to earn accreditation credit.

• It feels good to give back!  After all, someone precepted you! 

Precepting gives you the opportunity to give back to your community
and help to teach the next generation of Midwives.

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